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Review: Robotic Invasion Legacy
Author: ron sivan
Added: 25/05/2018 21:56:44

Amazing. After a kick-ass star-wars intro, you are greeted with colurful sprites and good controls. it is only phone - compactible, so thats a 9.

It is challenging. but things do feel wrong. your guy is slipping like hes in ice hockey. if thats a design idea i think it just doen't work. somtimes you slip and it's not your fault! the gamplay is good, a 7.

LOVE IT. simple! thats all you need to know. you are colurful and happy. while red mines try to explode you. yep. a 10.

Love it. the music is fine, and it can blend in! the only problem is, when you fail the music stops. it's pretty weird. a 9.

This game isnt lasting long. 4 levels and endgame. a 4.

after a kickass star wars intro you are in a shiny platformer! worth your play! a 8.

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