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Review: Robotic Invasion Legacy
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 04/06/2018 01:34:18

The presentation was excellent, I really liked the introductions from both RI1 & 2, specially the first one since it's based off Star Wars, but I don't know the reference for the second one unfortunately .

The gameplay was great, but dang is it hard. The movement controls can be a bit slippery, but it still controls just fine. The problem with me is that I don't normally play platformers on mobile devices because they can be hard to play with a touch screen, I'd prefer to use a controller or keyboard instead, but the controls on this game were great, even for a mobile game.

The graphics were excellent, everything was very detailed and the sprites are very well made as well.

The music was good, but it can be a bit repetitive since it loops over and over until it can become annoying, but at least the sound effects were great, I specially liked the "OUCH" sound effect, very nice touch!

Both RI1 & 2 only have 3 levels plus a boss level each, and even though I haven't completed both games yet, it's still considered to be a short game and for a game like this I wish there could've been more levels for each game. I can't tell how long it takes to complete because again, I haven't even completed it yet, but I will soon.

Overall, this game was great, it's the kind of platformer that I expected to play on my phone, but I wish there could've been more levels, but everything else was great. Great job TechVision, I haven't checked if you've made any more games and if you have, I'll love to play them!

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