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Review: Caverns
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 17/06/2018 06:04:53

The presentation was good, I love it how the title screen resembles an Atari game, and I also love the death animation and how the background flashes when you die and complete a level like most Atari games do.

The gameplay was good, it does have that Atari style of gameplay, but it could've been better if you didn't start in the middle of the frames each time you leave one because you will instantly run into enemies and die because of unfairness. And it's also annoying how the alien moves a bit slow, specially when I tried to get a key in level 3. But after a while of dying so many times on the same level, it will become a bit boring because of the slow movement.

The graphics were great, it really looks like an Atari game. I love the walking animation from the alien, and I also love the enemy sprites, specially those worm-like things that shoot brown rocks.

For music and sfx, it was ok, I can appreciate that it's supposed to feel like an Atari game, and most Atari games don't have music, but at least there are sfx in this game, no music, but once again, it's suppose to feel like an Atari game.

The lastability is ok because even though there's only four levels, it'll take someone a long time to complete it all because you will die a lot specially on level 3 (which I couldn't beat because I gave up :P), but it will sure take a long time to finish.

Overall, this game was ok, I love how it tries to play and look like an Atari game, and if anything, this is probably the best Atari-like alien game I've ever played (Yeah, I'm looking at you E.T.). It actually feels and plays like an actual game unlike E.T. Nice job MonadoBoy64!

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