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Caverns is an Atari 2600 style game, where you play as an alien that works in the mines. One day you fall asleep on the job and you get accidentally locked in the mine. You think this isn't that bad other than the fact of being hungry and thirsty. But it's worst.

At night in the mine, monsters come out. So, you must go through four levels and collect key cards that are around the four levels to escape the mine alive. So good luck!

I hope you enjoy Caverns and have a good day! And don't forget to comment and review!

Oh another thing, there is something hidden in a room that is empty. Good luck!


Arrow Keys: To Move

X: To start the game

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Posted by AndyUK 15th June, 2018

It would be nice if you didn't start a room in the middle but rather on the other side of where you came from. Just to help give a little sense of direction.
Posted by five 5th October, 2018
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you should contact clickteam about this game cus its fresh as f






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