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Review: Alex & Friends' Quest
Author: LeozUniverse
Added: 09/08/2018 05:06:08

The game is presented quite nicely and has a nice graphical style.

While the gameplay is fun, the level design in some parts of the game slows down the pace and in tunnels without clear spots to jump over the enemy's, you may be sat for a little while fighting them before you can continue. The gameplay is nice, but you should improve your level design in future projects.

The game has a nice graphical style and there are a lot of cool looking characters and stages.

You have used a nice selection of midis and sound effects that really fit the game. My favorite track is from the title screen :)

This game has quite a few different stages, so you are able to get quite a bit of playtime out of it. There are also a few different secrets in levels which are worth going back to look for.

This is a nice platformer that I enjoyed playing through! I recommend it to people who like platformers and people who have already played DP and want more!

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Posted by BigAl0104 10th August, 2018

Thanks for the review!


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