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Review: Bounce the Raccoon
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 14/10/2018 00:11:18

The presentation is perfect it looks very professional. I especially love the transitions when you click a button to go to a game.

The gameplay is perfect. I love it. It's like a combination of Yoshi's Island and Sonic but the mechanic of Sonic being able to curl up to a ball and do a spin dash is taken to the next level with added mechanics being able to curl up it a ball and bounce to get to higher spaces, in certain levels have spikes on your curled up form and you will be able to go up walls and objects. And other mechanics that are awesome. I loved the variety of game modes. I especially liked the Bounce the Raccoon Game Mode.

The graphics are beautiful. I love the art style but I didn't like how the collectibles and the health icons are the default lives and active icons but everything else is awesome.

The sound effects and music the game perfectly. It fits the game perfectly.

The lastability is awesome. The game has 6 modes, two which are a repeat of 2 modes but with added spikes which prevent those repeated modes be repetitive. The game lasted for me around an hour to two hours but that was because I had a hard time trying to beat the high score for the Never Stop Bouncing Game Mode.

Overall Bounce the Raccoon is just... amazing. Pretty much everything is perfect about the game. Yes, I had a problem the collectibles and health icon being a default Clickteam Icon but it's just a nitpick. It doesn't really detract the game. Fifth This game is pretty much my favorite game on The Daily Click. You did an awesome job. Please make a sequel to Bounce the Raccoon in where most of the game is the Bounce the Raccoon game mode for most of the game but with the other game modes as levels to break the repetition of the game. Please do it Fifth, I really want a sequel!

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