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Review: Bounce the Raccoon
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 22/10/2018 22:36:43

The presentation is amazing! Everything looks very well done, and I love the level select screen a lot.

The gameplay is fantastic! It plays almost like a Kirby game, and I love how you can curl up into a ball like Sonic, and how you can bounce to reach higher areas. I also really enjoyed the other games such as Raccoon Racing and Because it's There, but I did find Because it's There and Never Stop Bouncing to be a bit frustrating because I kept on dying, but I still had a blast playing them. I especially liked how you get to play both Bounce the Raccoon and Because it's There again, but with a new spiked ball ability which lets you go up walls, which was really helpful for Because it's There, and it let me find some secrets in Bounce the Raccoon. Awesome!

The graphics are unbelievably fantastic! Everything is very colorful and alive, and the character sprites are amazing. You can clearly see that the graphics were inspired by the graphics from the SNES classic game, Yoshi's Island, and it looks great! Also the animations are excellent!

The sound effects are pretty good, and they definitely fit the game very well, I especially like how the jumping sound effect is from Kirby, not sure why, but it does fit. As for the music, oh boy, I... fell... in love with the music, it's very catchy and definitely fits the theme of the game.

The lastability is excellent. Now even though there are only six games to play, you can always go back and play them just to improve your hi-scores or best times, and why shouldn't you replay them, they're fun!

I don't know what else to say, this game was fantastic! Everything about it is excellent, the presentation, gameplay, graphics, sound/music, and lastability are all great! Sure I did find some of the games to be a bit frustrating, but I still had a lot of fun playing it, and I'd definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking for a fun and relaxing platformer to play. Fifth, you did an amazing job with this game, it is now one of my faves! ;)

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