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Review: Space Tyranny
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 02/01/2019 12:20:55

The presentation is amazing! I love the cutscenes and the menus, I have nothing bad to say about them!

The gameplay is good. It's pretty much Metroid with upgrades, backtracking, etc. But I didn't like you didn't get the map from the beginning of the game because until I got the map, I was pretty lost and didn't know where to go. And I kinda almost gave up but when I got the map I started to have much more fun. Another thing I didn't like was I wished there was a bit of variety to the enemies. And two more thing I didn't like was that there only two bosses and those bosses were boring to fight because it was pretty much stand in one place, shoot, avoid its attacks and repeat.

The graphics were awesome but I have a one complain and this hasn't ever been fixed. And that some the enemies mainly the spiked enemies are overlapping the wall sprites and also some wall sprites overlap other wall sprites... WHY? No offense BigAl0104 but why are keep doing that when I told you many times in reviews of your previous games to stop. I don't like because sprites overlapping sprites just looks ugly and unprofessional.

The SFX are good and the Music is good but I do wish you didn't use music from Paper Mario and have all the music be original.

The lastability is great in addition to the Story Mode which lasts around may 30-90 ish-minutes. There's also a Time Mode which has you play the game again with no items, so you have to collect them again and you try to complete the game as fast a possible to make a new record. And Time Mode + is Time Mode but you have all the items you've collected from the story mode and you try to complete the game as fast as possible to make a new record. With all of these modes, you'll be playing Space Tyranny for a while.

Overall Space Tyranny is great! The presentation is perfect, the lastability is great, the gameplay is good and the Sound/Music is okay. I would highly recommend playing Space Tyranny it's an awesome game. And it's now my favorite BigAl0104 game. Nice job BigAl0104!

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Posted by BigAl0104 2nd January, 2019

Thanks for the review!
Posted by MonadoBoy64 5th January, 2019

Your welcome!


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