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Review: Lucid Dreams
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 07/12/2019 22:01:48

The presentation is good. The addition of voice acting was a nice one, and it has a bit of a dark plot which I found interesting. One complaint I have is that the cutscenes could've had some sprites or something instead of just text on screen. Make your cutscenes look more interesting.

The gameplay is good. I don't think I need to explain it, but the gameplay once again, self-explanatory, fly around and shoot things, yadda yadda yadda. One problem with the gameplay is that in some levels you randomly lose some of your sanity which caused to die and restart the level by pure unfairness. I don't if it was intentional or if you forgot to fix it.

The graphics are good, but some sprites are just a circle with text that says "Shoot me", and it just looks bland and uninteresting. I don't know if it's part of the game's theme where the girl wants to "end her life", and if it is, I'll forgive it. Also, the background objects I found to be very disorienting. What I mean by that is that they can be confused with foreground objects and make you think that they're obstacles. Maybe darken them a little bit or something so that they look like they're part of the background. Also, you could've made the ground scroll as well, it just doesn't look right if it just stays still. Going back to the background and speaking of scrolling, I'm not a fan of how you did the scrolling. Once it reaches the left side of the screen, it just teleports to about a quarter of the other side of the screen. If you're gonna do that, make sure you teleport it farther to the right where you can't see it, and then have it properly appear from the right.

The sfx are good and like I said, I liked the addition of the voice acting. The music is good too and definitely fits the theme of the game to make it sound a bit depressed.

The lastability was mediocre. The game is super short and it took me 8-10 minutes to finish it all.

Overall, this game is good, and I thought the plot was dark and interesting, but with a plot like that, you could've made something much more exciting and long, but hey, at least you tried, and that's all that matters. Not bad, keep it up! ;)

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