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Lucid Dreams
Author: MonadoBoy64 Submitted: 22nd November, 2019 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 223

Edited By MonadoBoy64 on 10/01/2022

Lucid Dreams is a shoot'em up that was made for the Melrose Game Jam and it won Second Place! And it won the Digital Media Design Awards from the Melrose Awards!

The game follows a girl named Cassidy that wants to kill herself because she suffers from constant bullying. But she decides that she will kill herself the next day, so she goes to sleep. Then she wakes up in a dream and doesn't know where she is... Then a thing called Darkness appears telling Cassidy she's in a Lucid Dream, she's constantly losing sanity, and she must collect the essence of happiness to keep her sanity up or she will go into Darkness. So she must go through different dreams to escape and wake up.


Arrow Keys: Move

X: Shoot

Spacebar: Pause

Enter: Skip Cutscenes

Mouse: Move Cursor Around

Left Mouse Button: Click Buttons

I hope you enjoy Lucid Dreams and I hope you look forward to our future games! And don't forget to comment and review!

Nicholas Walton: Game Designer, Programmer, Animator, Digital Coloring Artist, Story Designer, Musician, Cast Director, Scanner, and Voice: Darkness.

Jeremiah Garcia: Digital Coloring Artist, Story Designer, Musician, and Scanner.

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