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Review: Flammable Freddy
Author: Lord7887
Added: 11/09/2021 07:07:25

The presentation is simple and too the point. There's not much to write home about because there isn't much their in the first place.

The games simplicity makes it easy to pick up and instead of getting lost learning complicated gameplay mechanics I instead focused on exploring the maps and setting things on fire.

Flammable Freddy has a unique art style that lends it a nostalgic kind of charm.

Good music for a game made in 3 days but a volume slider would be nice.

Not a very deep game by any means but I'd play few a level or two in queue for an Overwatch game.

Although it may lack the most amazing graphics, the very best sound design and only has a few levels it still manages to be fun which is more then a lot of games I've payed money for have achieved.

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