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Flammable Freddy
Author: 3kliksphilip Submitted: 3rd September, 2021 Favourites:4
Genre: Action Downloads: 2236

Edited By 3kliksphilip on 04/09/2021

Edited By 3kliksphilip on 03/09/2021

Freddy spontaneously combusts! Until he can unlock the ASBESTOS GEAR, you must save him by plunging him into the water below, but to gain a highscore you must inflict as much destruction as possible before doing so.

Points unlock upgradeable gear, and bonus objectives further boost your score.

Entry for the 'Time Trial By Fire' competition

UPDATE: Updated screenshots to reflect better graphics, fixed run bug

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 (7 mkb )

Posted by Yai7 4th September, 2021

Junkeloti's game is way better!
Posted by Jankoleti 6th September, 2021

Game made me jump into every river and lake i came across after playing
Posted by Lord7887 11th September, 2021
Rated :

Will probably boot up occasionally when I'm bored in queue for another game.
Posted by FishMinus 11th September, 2021
Rated :

i liked it
Posted by Severno 12th September, 2021
Rated :

The game is funny and can be addicting. I like the design of making the levels loop so I can try again and again. But maybe more levels with people to burn would be cool?
Comment edited by Severno on 13/09/2021
Posted by Orange2005 14th September, 2021

good game
Posted by 墨香(MoXiang) 20th September, 2021
Rated :

Very exciting game, Both fun and strategic. love this equipment unlocking system, much more rewarding than just a highscore.
Comment edited by 墨香 MoXiang on 20/09/2021
Posted by Mustafa- 22nd September, 2021
Rated :

Very nice gameplay, sound effects & music
Loved the the tiny details put into the game, though the overall graphics could have been better ofc

Achievements and upgrades did serve the last ability of game well enough, though more levels would have been more appreciated
Posted by 3kliksphillip2 22nd September, 2021

very epic mr phillips
Posted by 墨香(MoXiang) 29th September, 2021
Rated :

Yay! I finally reached 50,000 points, cleared the game and unlocked Asbestos Gear, I had a lot of fun.
Only two more achievements left to go.
Posted by Bloops 1st October, 2021
Rated :

Really fun, rapidly repayable and greatly complimented by simple but readable visuals with a tubular music track. Honestly I'm genuinely impressed by how much enjoyment I've got out of the same few levels, I was expecting it to get stale in subsequent playthroughs but nahhhh it's really fun as is and doesn't overstay its welcome.

Thank you very much for your efforts and sharing this with the world, I enjoyed it a lot.
Posted by yma 27th October, 2021
Rated :

thumbs up






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