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Review: Crazy Towers
Author: Ambrion
Added: 28/03/2023 15:23:17

There's not much to see other than the dev intro. The background is interesting, nothing I've seen before in a klik game which already gets points for being original, even if they didn't make it themselves. I suppose it deserves a 9/10 for both being original and slightly unnerving at the same time, even though it's just displays a still image, but I can only expect the unexpected from an entirely new author onwards.

Alright, this will be given an 8/10 as well because I have to get straight to the point with the control scheme. Everything is fine but the shooting key which uses SPACE. It would've been better if it was Z or X or C. The closer it is to the Jump key (which is Shift), the better your gaming experience is. Like this, it's very uncomfortable for your fingers to hold Z AND use SPACE at the same time, unless you have a really good keyboard. If I was the one making this game, the jumping and running keys would remain the same, but the shooting will be the X key. However, I can't say the same for the physics. They are pretty decent, as is the shooting delay. It only shoots 3 projectiles the faster you whack the SPACE key, and it gets better when you're facing each of the bosses. Some enemies can be whatever they want; one of them is in possession of three spreading projectiles. Now when it comes to the bosses, they aren't overly complicated to figure out. In fact, they can be extremely easy if you just keep your aim at them. What makes me love the bosses (no matter how ridiculous they may seem) is the fact each of them has a life counter. Not a life bar, an actual counter. It's very helpful when it's present on your screen as it lets you know how close you are to beating each of them. Tower 3 feels more like an actual tower level than the rest of the levels, and that's because it's vertical. I REALLY like the animation that plays when you're trying to eliminate the green enemies wearing a spiky helmet. You can clearly see how smooth it is. Though I don't like the slow horizontal platforms in Tower 4. Yes, the platforms work as intended, but I can lose all the bonus points in a matter of seconds if I'm not extremely fast.

The graphics are pretty simple. They ARE very klik-based, but at the same time they're not the most impressive I've seen. Like I want to say they're not good but they're not bad either, so I'll give them the same rating as the Presentation and the Gameplay. My best take on all klik graphics is that every author has to make them appease the players so they don't look eye-soring. You don't have to be the world's most perfect artist, but you also have to make sure the graphics look nice and have their own style that fits the criteria. Perhaps making the PHIL backgrounds less bright would be a good idea. The ending background on the other hand is totally fine; bright text overlapping a dark pattern.

Oh, these are a pleasant surprise. The standard Klik & Play sfxs that can be heard in the sample games. If anything, they make the game older than it is. Not much to say or give my view on the sounds other than props to the author for trying to be old school with them. The music is NOT MIDI. It's actually royalty free that's extremely familiar (the work of Kevin Macleod). Every tower has the same music EXCEPT the PHIL section. I'm only giving this a 9/10 because of the K&P sounds which are nothing but classics.

This game isn't terribly long, but I did notice something strange after beating the first tower. Upon closer inspection, I noticed there's no lock on each of the towers (that should mean you can't play them until you beat the previous one) that makes the buttons look different but rather clicking on them does nothing even if they look ordinary, so at first glance, it makes it seem like they're all accessible which is completely false. So unfortunately, because the level select screen isn't polished (except for a niche detail when it shows you the level preview each time you hover your cursor over the buttons), this one's downgrading to 8 too

Ok, since this is my first ever written review on this site, I can't do much to make it spectacular, nor can I be harsh to the game I just wrote a review of as it's their first they've released. I tried to be nice with the rest they put time and sweats into, so I'm hoping this comes off as a fair review. All the issues I've put in have been addressed and will hopefully motivate the author to make even better klik games in the future!

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Posted by Jack or John 29th March, 2023

Thank you for the review, good sir. I do agree with the criticism of the select screen; it was going to look different from the final, but I was happy with it and scrapped it. As you also brought up, the controls are a bit janky since I'm used to the space bar being used in a lot of the games I play. I would use MIDI music, but I don't know how to make music, and I'm not sure if they're free to use MIDIs. I'll release a patch this weekend (hopefully) to change a lot of the stuff you brought up and add an extra level. Thank you for the criticism; I appreciate it!
Posted by Ambrion 4th April, 2023

Iím glad this review made some things more clear for your game. Yes, MIDI music is indeed free to use, itís fine if you write your own MIDIs or use MIDIs made by other people. Just make sure to use them appropriately; to make them play during sequences that fit the theme.


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