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Review: Crazy Towers
Author: AndyUK
Added: 07/04/2023 05:36:17

It's almost nostalgic. I remmeber playing games made with Klik and Play and The Games Factory back in 2000. There were no set rules and a lot of people were submitting their first ever game. This game has that look and it's quite refreshing when everything nowadays is incredibly 'indie' with braindead protagonists in Metroidvania clones that bore me to tears.

That being said, everything about the presenation could be improved massively. It's not an issue that the game is in a window but why do i have to click buttons on the menu when the game itself is controlled with the keyboard?

There was some effort put into it though to be fair.

At least the main game has some charm

The best bit about the game. Which saves the game really. It moves well and almost without any bugs. It has a nice challenge which gets progressively harder and the screens vary nicely. That double jump was a bit annoying though, it kept not triggering because I didn't do it right at the peak of the jump. It's good but it is all generic platformy gimmicks. Spikes, platforms, laser cannons etc. I did get stuck once when those little purple platforms pushed me into the gap at the top of the screen on tower 1. I thought it might be a secret! and a laser cannon shot me just as i stepped onto a new screen. please don't do that unless there is time to react.

The graphics are actually crap. But they're also kind of nice too. It's almost like it's done on purpose. But then i look at the brick walls everywhere and think it's just laziness. It's not really actually bad or anything, but when the player's two frames of animation for walking have his legs in the same position for both frames. Lets just say it could have been much much better.

There was some fitting music. It was nice. The sounds were ok.

5 towers and a boss is quite a lot for a little freeware game. Remember the term freeware? I'd probably actually play it all the way through and go back to it which is a lot more than can be said for a lot of Click games i've played over the years.

Overall i actually quite like the game even though it's flaws hurt my face. some new ideas and more variety in the graphics and animations would help a lot Overall a 6.

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