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Review: Realms RPG
Author: Max
Added: 18/05/2002

I dunno what to say on my usual first lines, so let's skip straight away to the review.


The game looks nothing spectacular, but the graphics are decent are remain faithful to the old-school RPG games ala old Final Fantasy games and stuff alike. The story, however, is not much impressive. You are Roger, a old geezer who got to find a huge ammount of money before his house get burnt down by a friend who traded money to him(kids, do remember this: when you borrow money from someone, be sure to give it back before they burn your house down!) He gotta find an old castle full of money and gold to fulfill his quest and that's about it. The story is straight forwards and there's not a single plot twist down the whole latter. Go there, find this, win the game. Duh.


The gameplay is rather limited here. The battles against the enemy doesn't require much skill and most enemies hardly have a brain. Apart from the few bosses in the game, which can be rather deadly when they want to, and battles are made hard later in the game since you can only take a single hit before dying. However, when you die you are taken back to the exact frame where you died, so it's not much frustrating. I've seen worse games, still.


The game is too just took me about 15-20 minutes to beat the game and I'm not likely to play again. Side-quests and mini-games would have expanded thhe game's size a bit.


Realms RPG is not great, but it's not awful either. However, if you're on a 56k connection and such, I wouldn't be hasty about downloading this game, since chances are you'll just cuss about the wasted 4 meg download. If you have anything faster, feel free to download this game. I'd rate this game 6.5 stars in the overall category, but since it's not possible, I'll be gentle and give it 7.


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