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Realms RPG
Author: Rhys D Submitted: 18th May, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 1117

Edited By Rhys Davies on 7/1/2003

Begin an adventure that you'll never forget with Realms RPG. Join Roger, the unknown hero as he fights his way through lands of evil in order to save his wife and house from the evil Dragon King. Along the way battle in forests and caves, whilst still enjoying the scenery. Download now for some fun click goodness!

update - download works now!

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Posted by Jeffstien 18th May, 2002

pants in a shoe
Posted by S1MoNR 18th May, 2002

Looks good :D
Posted by Rhys D 18th May, 2002

"pants in a shoe" What the??? im confused
Posted by ben_02 19th May, 2002

Perhaps a promising storyline, but my fingers were inclined to reach for the ALT and F4 buttons due to the graphics, chronotrigger/SD3 music and simple AI.
Posted by Rhys D 19th May, 2002

Notice in the screenshot it says 1999 :) It means it was made awhile ago, so compare it to Fate and so on. :P
Posted by mhyo82 20th May, 2002

i'd like know a thing, the night at the start is all the object repainted in another animation? or is a filter?
Posted by Rhys D 20th May, 2002

nah, it fades and skips to another exact frame, but all the graphics are coloured night style. Hope that helps, oh and remember to put the character in the night frame into the same position as he started when the day turns to night.
Posted by Dark One Entertainment 24th February, 2003

Can't download it...
Posted by Rhys D 1st July, 2003

dowload fixed
Posted by Rhys D 2nd July, 2003

its mb not kb btw
Posted by Lloyd Harvey 3rd July, 2003

Good game, good graphics, shame it crashed while I was entering the church in the second village...(it could just be my PC though). I would have played it more...neither the less good job. :)
Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 20th July, 2003

There stands 4.2 kb, shouldn't that be 4.2 mb?? :D
Posted by RPG4Lif3 25th July, 2003

dat fire breathing boss is impossilbe to beat!!
Posted by Marine 17th August, 2003

It was a good game but make a big screen next time and I liked the FF7 music.
Posted by Marine 23rd August, 2003

When I go into the church the game takes off.
Posted by Rhys D 23rd September, 2003

do you mean crash?
Posted by Marine 4th October, 2003

Posted by otto pinkus torres 25th October, 2003

Posted by otto pinkus torres 25th October, 2003

hey want a tip?go to byond>com and play theire games its fun!
Posted by NUB 27th October, 2003

It crashed when I walked into the church, I think you got a bug there. Quite a funny game tho.
Posted by dl33t 8th November, 2003

I'm trying it now, I hope it's good.
Posted by justinwetzel 4th December, 2003

I walked into the church and it didnt crash.I think its because i put the resolution on 640x480.
Posted by Marine 5th December, 2003

I chrashed after getting hit later.
Posted by Forrest Thurman 13th December, 2003

it crashed when I went into the church but then I put it in compatability for windows 98 and it started working
Posted by stars 10th July, 2004

At the begging of the game i go to the right house next to the house u start in and i talk to the guy that says "i hear you need some money" i cant do anything... there is a green chekc and a red one what button do i press to say ok?
Posted by stars 11th July, 2004

Why when i go into the church it crashed? and wat do u mean u put it in compatability for windows 98?
Posted by Rutee 22nd July, 2004

Yup, the game crashed when i tried to enter the church. So i change the compatibility mode for Win98/ME and it worked. (To change the compatibility mode, right-click the exe.file and select properties. You can find the option to change the mode there.) After dying numerous times trying to kill the damn dragon, i finally slayed the beast and got the treasure. But here comes the sad part, when i tried to enter my own house carrying the loot, the game hanged and crashed. I got sick of it and totally scraped the game. Din feel like restarting again.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 23rd May, 2006

the cut scenes, or talking scenes whatever you want to call them take a little while to go through. gets a little annoying
Posted by Disthron 17th September, 2008

Ummm... the links seem to go to a German site. Is this game dead/lost?






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