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Review: Air Pop! Neo
Author: The Chris Street
Added: 27/05/2002

To me, Air Pop Neo was extremely over-hyped. I finished it incredibly quickly, and half way in the game, on the freefall level theres a fatal bug which shuts the game I had to resort to passwords (hint, on the V-Real website, if you wanna know them) to avoid that disturbance.

Mr Och is extremely talented when it comes to graphics, but he claims that he has created a custom platform engine for the game. All he has done in fact is create a small, invisible active object and aligned Cirrus to be positioned just over it, and this engine to me is pretty shoddy. Its a shame the game doesnt last long, as it has the potential to be extremely good if more time was bestowed upon it. However, this has been extremely over-hyped...


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