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Review: Bomberman-C Demo
Author: jast
Added: 08/06/2002

Bomberman... Everybody knows it. And everybody knows how a Bomberman game should play and look like. The author probably did not.

Gameplay: Your char moves as if he had to fight his way through a swamp. The char starts very slow and needs some time until his maximum speed is reached - and then, he's still quite slow. There's no AI. Enemies are either moving on a path or are just bouncing balls. I don't know how Joe has made it, but in the first levels, you don't even have to fight them, because they leave the play area if you wait long enough (although there are obstacles in their way). The grid function wasn't used, so sometimes it's impossible to move your char between two stones because they are 2 or 3 pixels nearer to each other than they should be. The fire ignores obstacles in its way, so you can often beat enemies that are moving near to a wall by placing a bomb on the other side of the wall. The boss is a bouncing ball, too - but the random factor of his movement seems to be quite high, so beating him has nothing to do with your skill but only with your luck. Sorry Joe... 3 points.
Presentation: Bomberman-C uses a very small resolution and no full screen. Enemies are nothing more than balls with eyes (the boss doesn't even have eyes). Joe didn't use the grid function, giving the levels a quite messy look. The player's life counter even uses the standard symbol! The player looks nice, but the backdrops obviously weren't done with much effort. 4 points.
Lastability: It's a 5-level demo that has no multiplayer feature and no AI to beat, so you shouldn't need more than a few minutes to beat it. I've really been searching for some reason to give you some more points here, but I honestly couldn't find any. Hopefully the full version will score more points here, but I can't give more than 2 points.
Overall: Joe, you should think about adding a better AI, activating the grid function in the editor and creating a grid based movement engine - in my opinion, this would really make this game a better one. I don't think that this version deserves more than 3 stars - sorry...


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