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Bomberman-C Demo
Author: C-Media Submitted: 8th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 163

The classic bomberman games brought to the klik community by C-media. The demo contains:
* One World
* Five Levels
* Two Types Of Mosters
* One Boss

Please, download now!

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Posted by C-Media 8th June, 2002

Please post comments here. Thanks.
Posted by C-Media 8th June, 2002

look, i would appreciate that if you dont like my games, dont bother reviewing them!
Posted by Rikus 8th June, 2002

good or bad take the comments they will only help you out.
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 8th June, 2002

Surely the point of a review is to show that he didn't like the game! Otherwise there's no point in reveiws at all.
Posted by C-Media 8th June, 2002

sry, i was a bit mad, lol
Posted by Georgie 8th June, 2002

Okay, first off HOW CAN YOU COPY RIGHT A GAME WITH RIPPED GRAPHICS AND TITLE. Now about the game, add walking animation and no waiting time to start moving and start stopping. Also, those buttons and the walls are not set to stop you. You need to fix them.
Posted by vigge 8th June, 2002

hey, cool game!
Posted by C-Media 8th June, 2002

sorry georgie...:(
Posted by C-Media 8th June, 2002

may i also point out that it isnt a bomberman clone which means it is supposed to have my own rulkes, thats why it is called bomberman-c, its only called bomberman cus they are the best graphics i could find, also the copyright thing makes the title screen look a little better :D
Posted by Georgie 8th June, 2002

I just thought it was evil to put those 2 words there :( but just fix the buttons and your walking and I'll be happy to play again "also" make it so you STOP instead of bouncing off of walls.
Posted by 9th June, 2002

mad about what? that he gave a long and thurough review of your game pointing out all its bad points in a good way instead of just writing: this game sux? be thankful he even took the time.. bleh
Posted by Georgie 10th June, 2002

Thats what I post my demo games up for, so people can just tell me all the bad parts so I can fix them first.






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