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Review: Dood Game
Author: Canaryman
Added: 09/06/2002

i was kinda sceptical when someone brings out three games at the same time, all next to each other in the listing. For the most part i was right.
The graphics are top notch, as is the custom platform engine. The weapons are varied and noisy > however, it runs at 1024 X 768 and it only occured to me when one of my guys fell off the screen.

The game is annoyingly frustrating, the interface is annoying, you get all the weapons at the beginning, you can't "CLICK AND RESPAWN" there is only one map and there are only 2 players.

Player 2 is at a great disadvantage as well, because it not state what the controls are on the help page, You have to figure them out by yourself. Which takes a while, because both controls are not very orthodox.
Player one controls:
A - move left
D - move right
G - fire
H - jump
erm, what kind of hands do you have mate? that is a very uncomfortable condition for people to be in.
Player 2 controls:
num pad 4 - move left
num pad 6 - move right
Delete (6-pad) - shoot
end (6-pad) - jump
I've still not found out how to succesfully change player 2's weapons without pressing NUMlock, which turns of the pad, which means i can't control the charachter. Which i must say is rather annoying.
To help, i have devised a new way to control the charachter:
Player 1:
W - jump
A/D - move
SPACE - fire

Player 2:
4/6 (numpad) - move
8 (numpad) - jump
Enter (numpad) - shoot

And instead of changing weapons, you should have them as pickups, and only being able to carry 1 weapon. Have ammo for them too, so that they revert to the original weapon. It saves hassle and makes for a more frantic game. Or, if you don't want to, just make a Next/previous weapon buttons (ie n and m & * and - ) - also, use the Player conrollers, not "On key pressed" it will allow people to change the key setup buy pressing CTRL + Y and being able to set their control to a joypad (that'd be great)

There are a few bugs in the game too. You can't respawn, no matter how franticly you click on the mouse. And respawning should be automatic, or atleast with a little delay. And the teleporters don't work (atleast i think they are teleporters)

With these modifications, and more maps to play on, this should be a great deathmatch game, and with promised online play - i'm looking forward to it.


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