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Dood Game
Author: Jermacs Submitted: 8th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 249

In this game, I explored the INI file saving and some other new things. Once I get acquainted with the Moo 2 well enough, this game will go online (as it was planned to). This is a quick offline version, so there's only one map. The game play is decent, the graphics are good, and the sound is good too. - Aragorn from DoodGaming

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Posted by Jannuli 9th June, 2002

well, what can I say... I was pretty stunned. it looks good, and it plays good. end of the story. :)
Posted by 9th June, 2002

It's good. nice game..
Posted by Zircon 9th June, 2002

nice... PERIOD
Posted by Björn Göransson 9th June, 2002

the engine isn't very smooth, fix the sinking into ground and itll be better. think of a few more things that would make it better. a bit too zeb-ish also! :/
Posted by Jermacs 10th June, 2002

Hey guys, let me verify something. All the credit goes to Aragorn. He's the man behind the game. I'm just the dude who posted it up. Thanks for all the comments, YOU GUYS ROCK!
Posted by janne valtonen 28th August, 2002

link is broken!






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