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Review: The dead
Author: Max
Added: 02/07/2002

Don't be mistaken, this game is great. It has decent graphics, great music and a great horror feel, but why was it so short?


The menus do look nice. The graphics do a good job in getting you into the game's spooky atmosphere. They're dark, scary, and complemented by the always great but over-used rain and storm effects. Music does the adequate job of scaring you without being some boring orchestral music ala Resident Evil, with a string riff played at each 3-4 seconds. Storyline is horrendously lacking. You run out of gas at the middle of a forest and you must try to reach an army outpost where army guys will help you. The forest is full of zombies you just fight off, but... why are those zombies here? How did they appear? What are their purposes? I could go on for hours like this asking stuff because there's no storyline at all behind this game, which is a must-have for a scary game. You're left with tons of questions without being answered anything.


As I mentionned above, the aim of this game is to fight your way through gangs of zombies wanting to eat your brain while mumbling: "UUUUUHHH! GUUAHHH!" As you progress through the game, you'll get three weapons: the axe, the sawed-off shotgun and a machine gun. However, the firearms are pretty weak in this game plus ammo is so scarce that you'll just end up using your axe all the time. However, the enemies are so easy to beat and so dumb that it won't be a problem. Just wait for the zombies to come and mash them down. Since zombies are knocked back every time you hit them, you'll never get hit. OK, it's fun to beat all these mindless zombies during the game, but there could have been more challenging enemies to beat.


The whole game looks unfinished to me. Once you've found the gas and took it back to the army outpost, you're treated to a small bit of text then the game is over. Only 1 level? You're not trying to find where do the zombies come from to stop that menace? Of course not! You just go in hiding and hope that there'll be some shmuck who'll volunteer to do that instead. Arrgh. What a waste of game potential. This could have been a much better game if it was longer.


I was dissapointed at this game. It had such a great possible intro, honest gameplay, good spooky atmosphere, but it had to end so quickly before we'd get to see any possible storyline starting to unfold slowly. Instead you get some nice fun killing zombies by swinging your trusty axe, but left with no storyline at all and about 5 minutes of gameplay. If it was any longer, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this game... if you have a fast Internet connection, download it and give it a try, but for people on dial-up, you should check around for a better game. This pisses me off, as I really started to enjoy this game before it ended suddently...


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