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The dead
Author: Erik Submitted: 1st July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 660

"The Dead" In a world gone bad you try to survive. You flee with your car. It runs out of gas and you have to proceed on foot. Zombies lurk every were and you have to use ammunition and health kits wisely.

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Posted by Erik 1st July, 2002

I seem to do everything wrong. The download adress is. Now that should work. DAMN.
Posted by Erik 1st July, 2002
Posted by Erik 1st July, 2002

Ahh there.
Posted by Crono 1st July, 2002

what the hell is a rar file?
Posted by T.U.G.A. 1st July, 2002

why make a preview of a game if your gonna realease the game 10 min. after?hehehe
Posted by Tyler Berry 2nd July, 2002

.rar sucks, make it .zip
Posted by Jack Frost 2nd July, 2002

tyler, maybe he likes the normally better compression that comes with rar files *shrugs* and erik, looooking good.
Posted by Erik 2nd July, 2002

Thanks Jack Frost. I made a preview and thought that i was going to be able to put a demo up. But the game is finished. Or atleast i dont have the time to make it longer. I know people will like it so put some comments here except about the friggin rar file. =) ok
Posted by MasterM 2nd July, 2002

Rar doesn't suck! Zip sucks!! Rar a file and than zip the same file. You'll see that Rar is better.
Posted by jast 2nd July, 2002

Maybe rar's better, but zip is easier to handle and everyone's able to open it.
Posted by jast 2nd July, 2002

Anyways, why don't you just upload an .exe install file (made with installmaker)? They aren't much bigger than those compressed files and there's no problem with opening them.
Posted by matrixkitty 2nd July, 2002

what is a rar file is it only for macs?
Posted by Erik 2nd July, 2002

I wish people could consentrate on commenting on the game not the format of compresion i choose. Else its not worth anything putting stuff up here without the comments.
Posted by MasterM 2nd July, 2002

Yeah sure. Rar only for mac and mmf, tgf... works on mac, too ... But make it zip everybody uses zip and some yerks will never learn that rar is better so we all are forced to zip our files. okay levi i try explain it for you =) there is bmp and jpg both are picture formates but bmp is very big and only for windows...bad example... okay zip and rar are both zip formates but rar is smaller get win ace, win rar...than you are able to open rar files
Posted by Erik 2nd July, 2002

Ok for you people out there who dont use rar here is a zipped version. And thanks MasrerM
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd July, 2002

masterm i have a question for you. why cant you write normal sentances? Game looks good but i havent dloaded it.
Posted by Erik 2nd July, 2002

well then download it NOW! =)
Posted by matrixkitty 2nd July, 2002

tank u masterM and thanks erik for making it a zip file
Posted by matrixkitty 2nd July, 2002

i d/l it installed then it sez file error when i try to play it any help?
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 2nd July, 2002

It's pretty good. Rather easy, the graphics are simple, and it's really linear, but the game's still entertaining in its own little way.
Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 2nd July, 2002

MasterM, i just wanted to say the Rar and the Zip file of this game is the same size, so it doesn´t matter if you use zip or rar.
Posted by Stian B. 2nd July, 2002

Arj is the best compression :D
Posted by 2nd July, 2002

This game is nice.....and it has Hexen music too :P
Posted by matrixkitty 2nd July, 2002

it wont run!!!!!!!!! help or i will eat ur brains
Posted by AfterStar 2nd July, 2002

Nice spooky game! The best weapon to use is the AXE!Others are useless.
Posted by matrixkitty 2nd July, 2002

is everyone ignoring me? i need help!! it sez file error
Posted by Max 2nd July, 2002

Is that a full game?
Posted by zenith 2nd July, 2002

This is the coolest game I've played in a while, the gameplay just reaks of fun! Keep it up! (I crashed after getting the gas )
Posted by Erik 3rd July, 2002

Put the stuff in the into system folder in the c:\windows\system and the into game folder in the folder that you installed the game and the game should not show file error. I thought every one should have figgured it out by the titles of the folders. It fixed the game for some of my friends. =)
Posted by Erik 3rd July, 2002

I cant realy agree with Afterstar the axe is good but the shotgun takes out a guy in one blow and the machinegun can take out a whole screen of scattered zombies.. ant thank you zenith.
Posted by Plasticow 3rd July, 2002

Haha, this game is fun.
Posted by zenith 3rd July, 2002

Any plans of making it fullscreen? It would look beaut :) <- loves that ax slashing sound haha
Posted by Erik 3rd July, 2002

actualy in a stage of the games development the game was in fullscreen but it was anything but a beaut. :) it youst got to pixely. maby if i overhaul the graphics and make it longer. :) The game only had like three weeks of production time. It was for a special class asignment for school. i got top grade. Didnt have time to make it longer. Thats the biggest flaw of this game in my own oppinion.
Posted by Max 3rd July, 2002

You REALLY need to make it longer. Make it so and I'll be truly happy! :)
Posted by Erik 3rd July, 2002

So its atleast as good as to you wanting it longer. Great. Thats a good sign. Thanks. :)
Posted by zenith 3rd July, 2002

no the graphics are great, make it so you can choose fullscreen or not, or somethin
Posted by Caderay 4th July, 2002

Ya, continue on with this game cause it could be great. Keep the gfx for you finish it.
Posted by UF Comtec 4th July, 2002

Idiots, download WinRAR
Posted by QuADiE 4th July, 2002

short but fun :)
Posted by Pioupiou 5th July, 2002

Well i am downloading it now, so i'll comment it later. I just wanted to say that, even if the zip is the most famous format, it is one of the worst compressor. ACE 2.0 is the best, folowed by rar, zip, arj and cab (there is other format but they are not very used)
Posted by diablos 7th July, 2002
Posted by Erik 8th July, 2002

Its not a porn page. its my friends personal web server. his called Fückomatic i think. so if you see him on irc say hi. :)
Posted by David 18th September, 2002

RAR is cool and this game, too!
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 30th October, 2002

hey I hate rar Winzip's better and moe people on daily click have more Winzip than rar but lets nt make a fuss about it :D
Posted by Owen.E 1st November, 2002

wow i liked that game :)
Posted by ctrl alt supr 9th November, 2002

wow! great game!
Posted by Erik 11th May, 2003

The fuckomatic network that the files were on are temporary down. =( Dont know when it comes back. But i will tell you when it does.
Posted by Nechros 4th June, 2005

put in .rar, real nice, reeaaall nice





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