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Review: Quest West
Author: Nobuyuki
Added: 03/07/2002

First off, let me say that this game was a TON of fun to play. I haven't felt this good about playing a Klik game in a long time. This is a very great game considering it's made in k&p and it makes me feel all nostalgic to see it.

Graphics: Very good stuff. Looks like a bit of inspiration went into designing them, especially the last boss. Little touches like the firing of his engines added to the things that made me say "that's just cool!"

Sounds/Music: Did a very good job with pre-packed sound FX, didn't sound overused at all. Again, added that nostalgic feeling. As for the music, I know I've heard all of that music somewhere from my yesteryear of playing craploads of videogames, just don't remember where. A little help plz? Great use of the music btw, familiar but not so familiar I remember the exact game, so those aren't overused either.

Gameplay: Shines in total oldsk00l feeling. An entire stage created without any sort of scrolling engine whatsoever... kind of reminds me of what you had to do to create the effect in a klik game. Also makes a cool space "paralax" effect. I had lots of fun playing through it and shooting stuff.

Lastability: This is the only place I can see any flaws, the game is the same each time (like the balloon fight one), but for such a tiny little game I can look that over for all the points in which it shines. It would be cool to remake this in TGF or MMF and see perhaps a level editor. It might turn out to be quite popular :3

I scored 137 points playing this game.


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