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Review: Knights of the Triangle NEW LINK
Author: Tigerworks
Added: 04/07/2002

Knights of the Triangle Table is decidedly similar to Sonic. And that's a good thing.

This game had pretty good graphics. They're not earth-shatteringly amazing but they suit the game and it's retro feel with some nicely drawn images and cute little characterised knights.

SOUND (7/10)
Seemed to be very similar to Sonic sound effects but a few, but not many, sound effects provided the necessary amount for a retro game.

MUSIC (8/10)
Some nice tracks and a nice effect with the theme slower in the underwater world. Some nice tracks there.

The weak point of the game... God knows why ANYONE uses the @#!% system font. Windows style buttons in a retro game spoiled the retro feel a bit, annoying repeated title screens and menus, and lots and lots of system font in the help screen.

The gameplay generally was fun and enjoyable to play - I haven't played a decent platformer in ages (and this satisfied my need ). However despite the fun moment of jumping on somethings head and hearing a satisfying 'Doof' noise, the game was let down by bugs and frustrating glitches. Jumping into a boss zone was very sketchy as most of the time jumping in led to straight away falling off the play area, especially with the second boss jumping through the sky with no ground in sight then suddenly two small platforms appear and you're already half way down the middle of them. I could have got a LOT further if I could just land on the right platform each time, thus enjoying the game more. Still fun to play, but bosses were just sketchily coded.
Levels tended to be a bit short before the boss and there seemed to be only one type of enemy. A suggestion would be to make the actual levels longer and more involved, with maybe different paths branching off, and to have more enemies. The bosses were clever and good once you figured out how to land properly (usually after two game-overs). It was fun, but generally a bit light and not very involved.

I suppose soon I'll get the hang of it and be able to enjoy further than level 2's boss. I did keep playing this game, so I suppose the lastability is good.

I've saved this onto disk for playing later... so I guess its got a fairly good replayability (normally I play something then delete it... so its good sign I kept it ) I'm not looking forward to hitting the floor a lot though.

OVERALL (7/10)
Nice feel, cool gameplay, clever little touches and a good fun game to play, just a few glitches which let it down. Something in the way of a save, even if just at the end of each world, would be cool too.

Sorry if I was a bit negative in this review - it is a cool game, best I've played in a long while. I just seem to concentrate on the negative bits a bit too much sorry, thats just me. Don't take it too hard, just a few minor improvements and this will be a great game with 9 or 10 out of 10!

*Looks forwards to Knights of the Pentagonal Table or whatever the sequel may be*

*goes off to play it again*


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