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Review: Knights of the Triangle NEW LINK
Author: DeadmanDines
Added: 05/07/2002

Ok, I admit - I saw the titlescreen and was... how can I put this? 'Unimpressed'. It looked like a quite bland, average game which screamed 'Chris! You've played things like this a million times before! Run whilst you still can!'

True to my usual self, I completely ignored my gut feelings, and played on regardless - a decision I most certainly DON'T regret making. Things started getting better the moment the main menu came up - Ok, some bland windows-like buttons, but jazzed up a bit by the little green.... thing.... that sits by the selected button. My initial destination was the help screen, which I was actually very impressed with. It wasn't exactly the prettiest help file I've ever seen, but the information was VERY useful, and unlike the usual 'do this, that, and the other. Period.', it went into great detail explaining each object and enemy, what they did, etc. It explained the scoring system, and basically everything you needed to know to start the game.

Next came the game itself. It started off with a nice little intro cutscene - nothing epic, but it pretty much explains the story - 'Funny red goblin-like thing kidnap knight's buddies. Knight not happy. Knight go kill.'

Graphics for the intro weren't spectacular, but well above click-average. Characters were shaded, the flashing lazer effect was simple but worked well, and the whole thing generally did what it was meant to do.

Next came the game itself, and it started off with the player standing next to your stereotypical white bearded wizard (the blue cloak reminded me of a little wizard legoman i used to have when i was small) explaining what you had to do. Perhaps the text vanished a bit too quickly, though. Anyway, once more, there was the pleasant backdrop image, and a nice variety of platforms and backdrops, not just the usual thing you tend to get in click games. The sprites were well done, and detailed, and generally fitted the whole graphics style. He made most of the graphics himself, and the images certainly complimented each other.

Music was good, and generally fitted in with the environments they were trying to portray. The sound effects were also well placed, such as the laugh of the demon guy in the intro video (Just a hunch, but is it from Zelda? I'm sure I've heard it before somewhere), and the pleasant 'ping' when you get a bonus. Similarly, the sound effects for when the player gets hurt and when he kills an enemy are all well placed and effective. Nothing overly stunning, but far, far, far from being lame!

As for the actual coding and gameplay of it, it seemed quite good. The game ran extremely well, and I particularly like the mario-esque way of jumping on enemies' heads to kill them. Of course I did find myself wondering why he didn't just hack the things to bits with his sword, lol. Maybe it's a feature you get later, i don't know. As a small criticism now, I think the player movement was a bit OTT, with the player zipping about like a porsche - he was either not moving at all, or leaping faster than a cheetah with a rocketpack, there was no in-between. A nice effect would have been if he could bounce up again after landing on enemies, like in Mario, so you could hop from enemy to enemy in a row, lol - that'd be cool. The enemy AI was also a little primitive, but it worked. I thought in particular, the way of going from scene to scene was very good - seemed a bit like the old Sonic the Hedgehog games, where after each 'act' the level would continue seamlessly. I don't know whether he had seperate levels which it skipped to seemlessly, or whether it just stopped him moving to certain areas of the map until he'd done things such as beat a boss. Who knows? Either way, it looked and worked very well indeed.

So in summary? A very pleasant game that I found both entertaining and amusing. I personally really enjoyed playing it, and would love to see either a sequel or a similar game in the future.

Graphics: 7/10 - Not the best I've seen, but still very impressive - well done!

Sound: 7/10 - music is appropriate, and sound effects are well made. Good work, I say.

Gameplay: 8/10 - some dodgey movements, but more than made up for by the shear addictiveness of this game, as well as some very nice bonusses and secrets.


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