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Review: Felney UFO blaster 2
Author: OFFINC/Aharms
Added: 11/07/2002

Felney UFO Blaster is a very short game. The object of the game is to move side to side avoiding fire balls shot from Unidenitfied Flying objects, which you are trying to destroy or "blast" with a laser. I think the use of the acronym "UFO" in the title is silly. As soon as I saw the objects I identified them as flying saucers. Anyways you can get two other kinds of lasers or an extra life that falls from the space ships that you explode.

The Good:

1. The game had an attractive backround
2. The buttons which said "Start" and "Information" were bold and nifty
3. The UfO Sprite
4. The game over graphic that has the letters fly on to the screen.

1. Fast
2. Fun Weapons

The Bad:

1. The buttons covered the title
2. The exact same backround for all 4 frames
3. A main character sprite of very poor quality.
4. No animation to the main character sprite. It Glided across the screen with out moving its legs.

1. No ablitity to jump
2. Not enough weapons
3. No highscore board, something easily implemented with MMF

The Ok:

1.The music was okay. Some of it was pretty good.
2.The clipart used for fireballs and explosions was okay

I found this game to be short, fun for a bit but in the end not very good at all. The aliens in it are trying to kill all the lesbians. thats odd...


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