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Felney UFO blaster 2
Author: Deathbringer Submitted: 11th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 242

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Edited By Deathbringer on 7/3/2003

A simple game i made to get to grips with MMF, which turned out to be better than any other klik game ive released so far (yes i am that crap ), so i thought i'd upload it here to see what people think

UPDATE-Currently all my game links are broken, im not really going much click stuff right now (im concentrating on some DooM stuff ive got going on), so they will be fixed at an indefinite time in the future, i'll put this warning on all my game pages, and also delete my game website links

UPPERDATE- This download works again!, its now hosted on a site in actually pay for. Also it is a mildly updated version, it now has a scoreboard

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Posted by Spydaman 11th July, 2002

I like your style of pixel art. The main guy reminds me of south park =)
Posted by Deathbringer 11th July, 2002

Heh, its supposed to be a shrunken "chibi" version of an anime-like drawing style ive just started using.. but it does look like south park now that you mention it XD
Posted by Poke & Gravy 11th July, 2002

This Game is great fun! Keep up the good work!
Posted by Deathbringer 11th July, 2002

"Anime-like", meaning I SUCK! XD
Posted by gustav 11th July, 2002

looks more like south park to me .__. ...wich is a good thing :3
Posted by Sam_The_Ninja 11th July, 2002

cool game
Posted by Mårten 11th July, 2002

I like that fireball in the second screenshot. It reminds me of Silky and libraries...






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