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Review: Unknown Game 1229
Author: The Chris Street
Added: 29/07/2002

Sorry, but I don't really think this game isn't as good as some of you make out. Okay, it may be retro. But...oh.

The idea of the game, generally is to stop a load of virus infected PCs, and if you don't do it, you will be sacked from your job as a PC mechanic. Fix all the computers in the level (by pressing CTRL) and you can advance.

The gameplay is pretty weak to be honest. You need to use the blue pads (read: elevators) by pressing up and down, and often they get stuck in the backdrop. The enemies move exceedingly fast, which is extremely annoying, and like Canaryman says in his review, it gets very boring after you reattempt the level for the 60000th time. It uses the standard engine, but you can hardly jump, making it pixel perfect almost (which is a BAD thing).

Probably the best part. The graphics were there and functional, although I found it was pretty hard to see everything going on because the background bricks were...weirdly coloured. An annoying sound effect whenever you die is...well..annoying, and I always seem to laugh when he drops his spanner. I must be getting senile...

Well, I cannot even get past level one yet. Ridiculously difficult.

Had the pace been a lot slower and a better engine used, and less intense graphics, this would have been much much better. Better luck next time.


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