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Review: Turkey Sub II 1.5
Author: Shen
Added: 10/08/2002

I actually quite liked this game. When you start the game, there is a Flash cut-scene with Poke & Gravy's cartoony graphics and voice-overs.

Turkey Sub 2 has 7 levels, 4 bonus levels, and a boss. The bonus levels can be accessed by gaining keys, and are quite hard, especially the ice one. There is also an online high score table, in which I am currently ninth

The 11 levels are very varied - there are dark levels, puzzle levels, levels with bombs, levels with harpoons, and get-the-item-to-kill-the-guards levels. You control Gravy, a turkey, who goes off to sea in a submarine to collect treasure to pay taxes and stuff.

There are varied types of enemies - jellyfish, starfish, giant crabs, small crawling things (whose names I have forgotten), starfish guards (who you need to destroy by getting an item), and sharks.

However, the gameplay is not that good. It can get very repetitive sometimes, and once you've completed all the levels there's not much to carry on with, except for the two-player mode. You can just play the same levels again, doing what you did before - collecting treasure, avoiding enemies, trying to get a high score (which is quite hard to do).

But it does have some nice touches. The musics and sound fit in with the game well, and the graphics are good. Sure, the're not amazing, but they suit the game well. The cut-scenes are excellent, with cool graphics and voice-overs. The secret levels are also a cool idea. Also, in between levels, there are random whale and pirate attacks. These are quite hard, but give you points.

Overall, it's still a good game. Some may think it as too easy - I got to the boss on my third go, I think. But download it anyway, if you haven't already got this - get it! It's worth the time it takes to download it. And try to beat my score


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