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Turkey Sub II 1.5
Author: Poke & Gravy Submitted: 8th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 149

Edited By Poke & Gravy on 10/17/2002

Edited By Poke & Gravy on 10/17/2002

This new version features two minor bug fixes and a smaller file size.

Poke & Gravy are running low on cash once again, so Gravy decides it is time to head back to the ocean for another round of deep-sea treasure-hunting. Pilot Gravy's miniature submarine through eleven levels of underwater chaos while you avoid starfish, octopi and a whole lot of whales!

This is another game from the creative people at and it is by far the best yet! This game features the classic gameplay of the first Turkey Sub game with a whole lot of improvements in graphics gameplay and design. The game's best features are:

11 Fun Levels in Total

A Fully Animated Story with Dialogue

4 Keys Hidden Throughout the Game to Access Unique Secret Stages

Plenty of Weapons and Items to Pick up and Use

An Intelligent Score System with an Online High Score Table

An Addictive 2-Player Battle Mode with Even more Weapons

Pirate and Whale Attacks which Occur by Surprise Between Levels

A large, difficult boss that has been programmed excellently

Download and enjoy this great summer game!

If the link below doesn't work for you, try this link:

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 (6 kb )

Posted by The Alchemist 9th August, 2002

What was I thinking when I downloaded that! That games sucked ass hole!
Posted by Shen 9th August, 2002

Yay! 9th! The whale is HARD...
Posted by Shen 10th August, 2002

How do you get past the secret level with the coloured starfish? I keep dying at the hands of evil greenish yellow balls :(
Posted by Poke & Gravy 10th August, 2002

Hey! Glad to see people are enjoying our game! The reason the file size was decreased significantly was because of good old MMF 1.5! Enjoy!
Posted by Adam S. 11th August, 2002

Hey XCON, what do you hate so much about this game? You haven't even finished a game and your preview sounds kinda dumb. So I would just shut up.
Posted by Adam S. 12th August, 2002

Sometimes the boss doesn't work. I hit it like 200 times but it wouldn't die! This happened twice.
Posted by Jon Chambers 11th October, 2002

I can't get the sound to work for the cutscenes. Alchemist, you can't talk. You havn't even submited ANY games.
Posted by Gamhead 26th April, 2003

How can you call this an adventure game??? a platform game is more corect i belive... 6kb? or did you mean 6 mb... perhaps it is fun though ;) didn't look to bad






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