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Review: Extreme Malice
Author: JonWoGggggg
Added: 24/08/2002

Okay, in the preview and the screenshots, this game looks good - the idea is okay and done well this could provide hours of enjoyment.
Unfortunately, it isn't.
The main screen looks okay, if a bit blank and there is a loop of a guy walking into the middle of the screen and getting shot with a fireball - a gift from the gods! The text on the buttons seems off center and makes it look very un-professional.

Once in the game you have 8 weapons to deal out judgement on the poor little guys, but thats where the fun ends. There is one level, a boring few platforms on which the stoopid little men shuffle about. The main problem is that the game is too easy, and has no objective so you could go on killing these little men until you get bored, which was, for me, very quickly.

A few features that save this game from more embarassment are:
The humour;
The mad cow :0);
The way the guys heads explode from the pop band;
and thats it...

Not a bad idea, but make some different levels and more weapons to make the game last longer than 5 mins...


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