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Review: Thod - demo
Author: ReXX
Added: 29/08/2002

Thod is something I've never seen before in a click game; a point-and-click adventure. But is it any good?


As I said, its the first point and click adventure game I've seen seen made on click software, so its a refreshing change. The engine's quite smooth, but does contain a few bugs.However,a point and click adventure is judged by its puzzles, and Thod is no exception. But the puzzles are inventive, and do take a bit of thinking. A nice addition is the humour, like when the dragon asks where he got all his gold, he says
"Lucky this place used to be a wishing well."


The graphics have a nice handdrawn feel about them, and there is no clashing of styles. The whle thing looks like a cartoon, which ends up looking clean and professional.


The demo is relatively short, but the puzzles mean that quite a bit of thinking is required. However, I did play this demo more than once, because its quite fun.

Overall, this is a great demo, which will hopefully make an even better game.


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