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Thod - demo
Author: Seph Submitted: 8th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 267

This is the demo of Sephware's upcoming Freeware adventure: Thod. Thod tells the tale of Fudd, a boy in the real world who TV springs to life, and then runs through a portal. Fudd follows on, and finds himself in another world, a world haunted by the spirit of the great wizard Thod.

Sure, the plot sounds cliched at first, but as the game progresses it will become a story of trust, deception, good and evil...

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Posted by BlackZombie 8th August, 2002

ADVENTURE GAME! I love adventure games!
Posted by 8th August, 2002

me toooo!
Posted by Shen 8th August, 2002

Me threee!
Posted by kreature 8th August, 2002

Adventure games made with klik-products are pretty rare, and it's really nice to see one. But I think although it's inspired by LucasArts' games and different other, it doesn't create the same humour nor the same weird logic. The graphics seems a bit rushed too, but it's a nice little game :)
Posted by Seph 8th August, 2002

Yeh I'm aware of the graphics looking rushed. Wehn I began the project the only graphics tool i had was paintbrush. But I've now got me a scanner, so Thod 2's graphics will look not rushed, but hand drawen!
Posted by kreature 8th August, 2002

Well, then there will be no problem with that! :) Btw, when will the full version be released (if your gonna release it..) ?
Posted by Seph 9th August, 2002

About September. For more info I write a preview here at DC
Posted by BlackZombie 9th August, 2002

Definitely one of the better klik adventure games. Much much better than your pirate game! Can't wait for the full version!
Posted by Seph 18th August, 2002

I agree with that too. My APL games were my first adventure games as you may know, so they are full of glitches.
Posted by The Green Stranger 28th September, 2002

Me four!
Posted by Alex Scobell 8th October, 2002

Its alright.I hope it turns out as a good adventure game. I played the first ever monkey island game (only a demo) I liked it. This game is simallar so maybe, just maybe...
Posted by Seph 22nd October, 2002

I'm suprised people are still downlaoding this coz I released the full version quite a while ago.
Posted by Elvn 28th December, 2002

Actually this sounds cliche too: a story of trust, deception, good and evil...






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