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Review: Rock It
Author: matt [blue-storm]
Added: 09/09/2002

Another slick game from the doors of Natomic, oh yes...

Rock it! is a game based upon the mini-game on the GameBoy Advance version of Sonic Adventure. This game involves matching the correct cards to the ones right.

As you would expect from a game stone blunt scissors, paper wraps stone and scissors cut paper. Also if you match the same together you get ones to disappear.

The aim of the game is to destroy all of the cards in the limited time, doing this buys you more time for the next levesl. If you wrongly match pairs you lose a life and of course, when that equals zero, game over!

This game proably sounds like it is short and sweet and it is, but it doesn't feel short. It is so addictive you could spend a whole lunch time playing it!

This game is presented in such a well done way, it feels porfessional to say the least.

Final decision:
A must-have for your klik game archives, play it today!


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