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Rock It
Author: Andi Smith Submitted: 4th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 356

Rock-Paper-Scissors game based on the mini 'Chaos Garden' game found on Sonic Advance.

See how high your score can get by playing fast paced rock-paper-scissors!

Controls are cursor keys and SPACE bar.

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Posted by Dustin 4th September, 2002

Yay! He released it! And it has the Bananarama MONKEY! Woo! Heh. Download this now, people. It's short, simple, and insanely fun.
Posted by citizen[Ac] 4th September, 2002

this game rocks as does Natomic!!
Posted by Yoshiman 5th September, 2002

Great work andi! :)
Posted by Paul_James 5th September, 2002

Natomic, one day i will destroy u. . . UNTIL THEN AWESOME GAME YAH!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 5th September, 2002

pretty cool how come u dont have it fullscreen or as vitalize game?
Posted by Al 5th September, 2002

Sonic Advance is definately my fave GBA game, looks great, downloading now.
Posted by Andi Smith 5th September, 2002

Fullscreen mucked up score submission (the web site loaded in very low res) and full screen on just the game playing level resulted in all the icons mucking up on the first go. If you really want fullscreen, press F on the in-game play screen; but it'll cost you a life or two.
Posted by Andi Smith 5th September, 2002

Gamehippo gave it 10/10 :)
Posted by Gary Hudston 5th September, 2002

Noooooooooooooooo make it stop!!! Sure it's a great game but having taken care of chao for a long time has caused me to resort to playing that game for rings, I am starting to loose my sanity!!! Oh yeah uh... AWESOME GAME!!! ;)
Posted by Mark 5th September, 2002

Yet Again, Natomic are the world's most common cause of Insomnia. Maybe just one more go...
Posted by James Whitehead 5th September, 2002

ive already played this too many times on GBA
Posted by Jon Chambers 5th September, 2002

I'd like to say it's amazing and original, but it's a clone. I'd like to say it's a good clone, but I never played the original. So I'll just say, you did a really good job debugging. :)
Posted by SoftWarewolf 6th September, 2002

cool fullscreen ;) but why does it have to be a option and loose 2 lives?? and why cant u also have it as vitalize game? i dont think it uses that many extensions ;) the music can simply be converted to midi
Posted by Andi Smith 6th September, 2002

softwear wolf.... I made it non-vitalized so it could appeal to people outside of the click community, and any future games I make will be downloads too, as it seems pointless osmeone having to download the game every time they wanna play. At the time, fullscreen seemed too difficult to implement the way I wished. Looking back, it would have been easier. But, it's something for me to learn from.
Posted by Yoshiman 7th September, 2002

Anyone gonna make a review soon? :)
Posted by Assault Andy 8th September, 2002

It's Really good. I have the original on GBA and your version is Much Better. Mainly the graphics. Would make a nice little vitalize game!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 8th September, 2002

i ment having both dl and vitalize like binary and its not to late putting it out as vitalize and dl as fullscreen cus its a great game and worth spending 20 seconds for ;)
Posted by Meric 15th April, 2003

Great game :) Gonna review right now! :p






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