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Katana Master Hiroshi
Author: furthing Submitted: 18th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 366

Katana Master Hiroshi is a game I just finished a few days ago. It plays sort of like mega man except with a sword. The game has six levels of play, four bosses, and six different enemies.

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Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 19th July, 2002

Pretty fun game, but I don't know how to hurt the second boss. Any tips?
Posted by MasterM 19th July, 2002

looks cool. funky pixle art. i like your avatar. too. /me is downloading Katana Master Hiroshi
Posted by 19th July, 2002

HAHAHA Ibeat it this is a very very fun game.To beat him just hit his hands.Or will hear a weird sound and see sparks like your really hitting a rock.He will die.
Posted by 19th July, 2002

I beat the whole game lol.
Posted by Georgie 19th July, 2002

IS there a way to change the buttons? I can't handle hitting shift/control/tab.
Posted by Simdrone052 19th July, 2002

This is VERY fun, I love the pixelated style too...
Posted by gustav 19th July, 2002

.... 9 in gameplay? what gameplay?! agh! hmm... looking at the screenshots i thought the horrible graphics of resized goodness actually had some charm to them... theres no telling how quickly i changed my mind when actually playing it. it was, though a good effort. keep honing your skills (and not resizing so much) and i'll be looking forward to katana master 3
Posted by Simdrone052 19th July, 2002

I agree with gustav about the Graphics, I wouldnt mind resizing if everything was resized proportionally.
Posted by furthing 19th July, 2002

Thx for the comments guys. I'm glad most of you like the game despite its shortcomings. Yeah I should of cut down on the resizing and smoothed out the graphics more. Meh...there’s always the sequel :P
Posted by Poke & Gravy 22nd July, 2002

The gameplay is good, nice work! The graphics are definitely a tad on the eye-hurting side but that is okay. The boss is difficult to beat though.
Posted by Jason Orme 29th July, 2002

Once again it shows how gameplay overcomes graphics. I just have to say that the graphics are terrible and the first boss is way too hard.
Posted by furthing 9th October, 2002






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