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SwordLy is a challenging 8-bit style puzzle adventure game. Delve your way through 64 levels of dangerous enemies including goblins, lumbering orcs, deadly snakes and ghastly ghosts. Just make sure to plan your hero's route carefully and tactically!


- 64 Levels
- 4 Worlds
- Epic Puzzles
- Deadly Enemies
- And 8-Bit Charm

SwordLy is a directional puzzle game where the objective is to create a pathway for your intrepid pixelated hero from the start to the exit, destroying all enemies along the way.

Strategically create a route through directional arrows which are tapped on screen. After your path is laid out tap the 'checkmark' icon to move the hero on his way through the level.

Failing to destroy all the enemies or falling into a trap will restart the level. Also, there's a limit on the amount of arrows that can be used in a level.

*** I have some promotional codes available. So feel free to message me if you're interested! ***

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