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Mighty the Space Hamster
Author: furthing Submitted: 7th July, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 150

Edited By furthing on 8/26/2011

Itís been a pretty long time since Iíve made anything Klik related and I missed much of the game making experience as a hobby, so I decided to give it a go again.

Mighty the Space Hamster is a fairly simple retro style platformer with fourteen levels set in an illustrious world of pixilated space. Mighty must make his way back home and take glorious vengeance on the evil Mega Penguin.

Gameplay is simple, guide Mighty through the hazards to get to his jetpack and purple sunglasses. Collect powerups to help him through his journey and collect secret coins to gain a higher score in the end. Also try to stay alive as much as possible to receive a higher survival score.

Arrow Keys = Move the Hamster
Z = Jump
X = Laser gun (only when powerup is acquired)

There a few bugs in game which Iím still figuring out, some of which are limited by my knowledge of MMF2, but alas I am working on both the bugs and my skills as well. Anyways, enjoy!

UPDATE: Bugs with in the boss level has been fixed.

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Posted by Strife 7th July, 2011
Rated :

I like it. Simple, charming, and makes great use of the otherwise horrid default platform movement.

Since you're already aware of the bugs, there isn't much else I can add, though I think you'll find that you can do a lot more things if you move away from the default platform movement and use either the Platform Movement Object or a custom engine. You may also want to consider using the "Collision box" trick - that is, make the player's character an invisible, solid square, and then make the hamster a separate object that sets its position to the player at all times. Really quite handy, I think. :3

Keep it up, buddy!
Posted by s-m-r 7th July, 2011

Made it about half-way through in my last sitting, and having a lot of fun.

The only issues I've had are with slopes. This has been most noticeable on the "Mount Bomb" level. Moving quickly is a necessity, and when your hamster is stuck after a jump onto a slope surface...Ugh, it's frustrating.

Hope to beat it in the next sitting or two. Nice job!
Posted by furthing 8th July, 2011

Thank you for the positive feedback! I'm really glad you guys like the game

As for the bugs, I'll make sure to bind the hamster to a collision box object, and then update the download file as soon as possible. This will hopefully fix the dreaded uphill slope bug, among other problems.
Posted by Neuro 8th July, 2011

Looks neat! I'll be trying this because 1) it's a hamster, and I recently had to give mine away because I'm moving, and 2) your avatar is Keen, which gives me giant bias towards anything you ever do.
Posted by johnpow66 9th July, 2011
Rated :

i like this game really fun and its cool and u play as a blue hamster.wat more could you want? ♥ stage 5
Posted by Strife 9th July, 2011
Rated :

Alright, I just beat the game. Some additional thoughts:

The final boss was a piece of cake for me, but I died frequently in the moments after he was destroyed. He can still fire balls during his explosion animation, and the balls themselves don't go away when he's gone, so you have to deal with them when you jump over the spike pit to the exit jetpack. I would recommend destroying all projectiles once he starts blowing up.

You made some really good choices for music. Though, the sounds are ridiculously loud compared to the tunes, so it's more difficult to enjoy them. D: You can adjust the volume of your sounds easily by setting channel volumes in MMF2 to a certain percentage.

I find it hilarious that you can die on the title screen by jumping over the jetpack/warpgate and falling to your death. I think it's a really nice touch, since you were nice enough to restart the frame if it happens. I kinda miss those type of interactive menus in games.
Posted by siven 21st July, 2011
Rated :

kinda fun. the movement is somewhat glitchy when walking uphill, and it was too simplistic for me, so i got bored fast. all in all the graphical style was nice. not bad.
Posted by eliris 16th September, 2011
Rated :

pretty good I become very into playing it restarting every time I lose (a bit hard but that makes it nice)
well the first stage has the same music as a game I 'm working on (what a big coincidence, joule - blue space)
well rating it up, keep it up!





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