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Atom Boy 2
Author: Rikus Submitted: 29th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 378

Its a blast from the past with Atom Boy 2 created by Edward Ross Greenaway. This is a great first generation click game so be sure to
have a look if you did not try it out yet.

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Posted by Assault Andy 29th July, 2002

Yeah i Played this a while ago. Good game Somewhere i got the source code for it.
Posted by Yikes 29th July, 2002

Me too! I played it a while ago too! Good game! I liked it a lot when that time was... I'll just download it again and get back old memorys :D
Posted by bhlaab 29th July, 2002

Speaking of old klik games, what the hell happened to Mogo the Mole?
Posted by Dennis Bosäter 29th July, 2002

Posted by matrixkitty 29th July, 2002

i d/l it but when i kliked on setup an error occured could it be tat i have windows xp?:(
Posted by Toni Sakari Lähdekorpi 29th July, 2002

Hi rikus from where are you?
Posted by Rikus 29th July, 2002

The Netherlands
Posted by matrixkitty 29th July, 2002

someone help me with my problem it says something about wowexe
Posted by gustav 29th July, 2002

right, then. i will explain what i didnt like about this game. the stages were horribly planned, meaning if you waited over 2 seconds to look around the level to make up a strategy of how you would go about taking out the enemies onscreen you get killed by a big explosion from a rocket launcher colliding with the wall behind you, the author can of course avoid this by moving quickly to a safe point since he made the game and should know how everything works. but the players end up dying unless they have played through this level earlier and then memorized it. also, enemies shooting while they have been dead for more than one second? rockets and lasers appearing from nowhere, some killing you instantly, and then forcing you to restart the game. no fun. the screens does look fun and varying but i never got far enough into the game to experience anything else other than the basic platform stages. i can bet a monkey on that this game wouldnt be as popular if it didnt have the nifty graphics. oh well.
Posted by gustav 29th July, 2002

if anyone is wondering about that big rant i was nicely asked to be more constructive. (not more positive though, thank god)
Posted by Rikus 29th July, 2002

Hey Gustav, your comment is so big this time it would fit better in a review:) You make some very good points.
Posted by gustav 29th July, 2002

heh, yeah ^^;.. i wrote more than i thought. but i wouldnt want to review it since i havent played through the game. i might not do it justice if it improves in the later levels.
Posted by Asholay 29th July, 2002

WHY on earth did that Yoshi-San get a ribbing for posting files he didn't make. Come on! This is not at all fair- none of you dare whine at Rikus for posting a file he didn't make. It just shows what this community is made of doesn't it. AND don't post to say whether or not Rikus has asked permission off this guy (although I'd like to ask whether he has!! seen as the link is direct to a site) becase even if he has, no-one asked Yoshi-San if he asked before ribbing him.
Posted by Sly 29th July, 2002

Rikus, i think that's a little short for a review. =/ The screenshots look interesting. I'll try it.
Posted by Rikus 29th July, 2002

Also Yoshi-San, posted files of games that already have been on the daily click before and besides the maker of those games is still an active member.
Posted by Rikus 29th July, 2002

Spanky: Cool it, really. Proper credit was made in the description.
Posted by Asholay 30th July, 2002

Posted by ruffles 30th July, 2002

I can't install it. It shows a DLL installation error. Can somebody help me??
Posted by matrixkitty 30th July, 2002

i cant instal it either except mine sez wowexe i have windows xp please help
Posted by HOSJ 30th July, 2002

Rikus... why did you not add more detail to this??? it gets annoying watching my brother controlling this elvis-esque kid jumping around on gray blocks shooting people... there is an awful lot of gray...
Posted by Sam Kennedy 30th July, 2002

This game is great!
Posted by Andy T 31st July, 2002

nice game awkward controls spanky: we dont argue TO rikus because he boss type man. ;)
Posted by Rikus 31st July, 2002

HOSJ, i did not make this game, read the description:)
Posted by Psychedelic Hedgehog 31st July, 2002

I used to love this game... anyone got bazooka jim, made by the creator of this's brother? I found the website for it earlier today, but the link was broken for the game...:(
Posted by Ashman 31st July, 2002

I love this game. It was one of the first decent klik games I saw and one of my all time favourites. And yeah I got Bazooka Jim, it's not as good as atom boy2. Reviewing....
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 29th October, 2002

WOW looks great i'll d-load it and give it a review
Posted by straight_up 20th February, 2004

I can't download, it says members only and i'm a member now!!





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