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Review: Atom Boy 2
Author: Ashman
Added: 31/07/2002

Ok This is not the best game in the world. But I played this when I first got KNP and I loved it. That first impression lasted.

Gameplay : Fun. Shoot up baddies, use stragety to get past certain ones and overall have fun killing stuff.

Graphics : Not as good as I thought they were when I first saw them, still quite impressive. Nothing to sneeze at.

Lastability : I played this about 2 years ago, d'loaded about 1 year ago and I still have. There are games I'VE made that aren't even on my computer now. I have completed it SO many times and I still play it occasionally.

Story : FUNNY. Read it.

Overall : Great game. A classic klik edition and well worth your time and download.


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