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Review: Atom Boy 2
Author: The Chris Street
Added: 29/07/2002

Having never heard of this game before, and seeing the screenshots of it at the DC, I was very skeptical about downloading it. Just under 4 megs is quite a lot for a 56k modem-er, but when I did finally finish the download, well...I found I liked the game a lot.

The premise for this is rather simple. I couldn't be bothered to read the story, just to play it. Its basically a very toned down version of Destruction Carnival, without the respawning enemies and multiple weapons, moulded into a trickly little platform game. Basically, the idea of the game is to kill everything until a blue arrow appears, indicating you can move on to the next screen. It's extremely good for a Klik and Play game, and unsurprisingly uses the standard platform engine.

You are given a laser gun as your main weapon, but also have the ability to throw grenades by pressing Enter. The beauty of these is, they do a lot of damage, but you have to be wary of their blast, because you can die from them.

And die you will a lot in this game. I managed to get past about 3 screens before I died first time, but this is one of those games that could really do with a continue or something. Each time you play the game your experience of it increases and you know what to anticipate, creating an addictive game.

The graphics..well, they're in 2.5 3D, so semi 2D and semi 3D, and, to be honest, rather ugly. There's an awful lot of grey, and more colours or textures would have given this game a lot more spit and polish. Sounds are taken out from the Klik and Play library, and it might have been nice to hear some sort of song being played in the background, but again, we can't have everything. Title screen is nicely drawn though, and the menu screen attempts to resemble loging on to a computer...which doesnt really work.

This game is, make no mistake about it, hard. I'm probably nowhere near finishing it, I'm basing my review on initial impressions of the game. You do seem to die a lot more than you'd like, which may or may not be a bad thing, I'm not sure. But I kept on coming back for more, something I don't really do with klik games.

I can see Atom Boy 2 being judged by the screenshots, but, if you take the time to download this, you will enjoy it. I know I have.


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