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Author: jason Submitted: 21st August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 144

As sad as it may sound, due to a few computer failures and unfortunate errors I recieve when trying to add and edit code - this game I cannot go any further. However, I've gotten far enough, and its playable enough to ship it out and post on the web. BomberArena is an online version of BomberMan, it supports up to 4 players in an action frenzy of intense bombing mayhem. Read the readme file for controls. Since I there is no credits I'd like to note all of the playtesters here.


Special Thanks goes out to Gamesterd23 and Mindstorm13!

I hope you all enjoy it!


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Posted by temporary1357 21st August, 2002

God damn, I was making a Bomberman game too. Oh well... Anyway, this game is pretty cool except for the problems that Podunkian mentioned. Also, if you kill yourself, you're awarded a point.
Posted by jason 21st August, 2002

Latency was a problem, but after i added tile movement the game ran a lot smoother - trust me. However, the exploding method is a bit mundane but works non-the-lass. Actually I think I've got an improved method laying around somewhere. Sadly I cannot fix any of those things coz of the major errors I've been getting when editing code :(. I never claimed it was the greatest game ever. Thanks for your comments though, oh, and sizzem u only get a point if ur playing by urself ;).
Posted by HOSJ 22nd August, 2002

Ohhhhhh... GEo**iTTIEs X)





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