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Jason's Supa Sprite Pack
Author: jason Submitted: 23rd August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 277

This is a pretty cool sprite pack that I whipped up. It includes stuff for RPG's, Platformer's, Shooters, and much much more!

If used, please add me in credits.

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Posted by Fox (br) 23rd August, 2002

Good Lib!:)
Posted by Jason Orme 23rd August, 2002

not bad
Posted by eX Com 23rd August, 2002

it would be better if the RPG Sprites had left and right animations...
Posted by Kevin Smets 23rd August, 2002

Then make your own you lazy b*st*rd! :P
Posted by Kristofor Durrschmidt 23rd August, 2002

Nice color use. Well done :)
Posted by jason 23rd August, 2002

Thanks for the positive feedback guys! Kris, I haven't seen you on AIM in a LOOOONG time - been busy?
Posted by The Alchemist 23rd August, 2002

10 out of 10! Marvellous! Excellent for noobies!
Posted by Oka 24th August, 2002

Very good lib :P how can I download it? :)





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