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Author: jason Submitted: 22nd August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 113

"The year is 3045, AI has totally taken control over Earth. Humans are now considered useless and sent off by the billions to concentration camp where they'd be deposed of. Little did they know, thousands of years before this the highly soughted out flying saucer would one day save them. Built by an ancient race to protect the inhabitants of earth set out to 'take out' the transporters and rescue the the human Cargo."

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Posted by JonWoGggggg 22nd August, 2002

what do you have to do in this game?
Posted by Zi-Xiao 22nd August, 2002

pretty neat game, controls are a little sticky.
Posted by jason 22nd August, 2002

Heh, thanks Jerry. Read the Readme file Jonny.





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