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Moe The Mole
Author: Mark Submitted: 26th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 134

A cartoon platformer, 'staring' Moe the Mole. There are about 8 levels, secret levels, a game map, a boss, and power ups. In this game you can complete it by just getting to the end of each level, then unlocking the last boss. To comeplete it 100%, you need to collect 10 red coins form each unique level, then collect the smiley face card and get to the end of the level. Also, the secret level neeeds to be unlocked. It's pretty easy, and quite short, but try it and see. Sorry bout the low Quality shots btw.

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Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 26th August, 2002

Hmm, some nice graphics but the control is extremely dodgy so it's more fraustrating than fun.
Posted by Mark 27th August, 2002

i dnt think the control system is that bad, its not perfect tho
Posted by Alex Scobell 27th August, 2002

I love platformers! Downloading now!
Posted by Alex Scobell 27th August, 2002

Yeah this game aint that good! The control is poor and when you die you seem to be respawned to far off the playfield!
Posted by Rik 15th January, 2003

Posted by Rik 15th January, 2003

oh.. you can shoot.... XD





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