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Rena Two:Time Four
Author: Mark Submitted: 20th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 193

Fun RPG, with some nice effects such as reflections in water, as seen in the picture. Also has a real time clock, which effects the weather charcters etc. I have been told is is very good, but a little to short, so please, try it out!

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Posted by QuADiE 20th June, 2002

the game is too easy with all these arrows. :(
Posted by Poke & Gravy 20th June, 2002

The arrows are helpful, but it'd be better without them because then u would need to actually figure stuff out.
Posted by Killerjedi 20th June, 2002

Well buddy, I've never been a fan of the "Time" series, they all sucked soo badly... This is okay tho, work on the storyline, like: Why is there a penguin in the room? and so on. Also, the combat system is trash. Hate to say it. Plus, the game is WAAAAAY to short and the final boss is too hard, you see, he often glitches his hurt animation and u can't tell whether your attacks are getting thru or not! Sorry about all the negitivity but I really had to say it. The talking system was nice tho.
Posted by Mark 20th June, 2002

lol np, thanks for the comments, and ya the Time games did suck, but if u aint already try Rena One at, its a lot longer. yeh i know about the arrows, but i dnt think they wud chnage much really, the game is too easy neway.
Posted by Mark 20th June, 2002

oh btw, the reason there is a panguin in that room, is beacuse, i like panguins lol
Posted by C-Media 20th June, 2002

the final boss is the easiest! (apart from the panguin) I find electric jim the hardest
Posted by Hyperdude 20th June, 2002

this makes me hyper...just the way i like it
Posted by Simdrone052 20th June, 2002

YAY, great KoRn feilds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY, korn rules!!
Posted by Dave Jones 28th August, 2002

I was bashing shift on the boss and i beat him but then skipped the final screen ;________; all my work was in vein!
Posted by Mark 31st August, 2002

dnt worry, the end screen was, well, pants.
Posted by Alex Scobell 2nd October, 2002

What the hell does: The end screen was pants mean? Does it mean there was a picture of some pants or a guy named pants?
Posted by Mark 6th October, 2002

ok Sun Fun Dude, its been four months since i posted this, im sure u cud of ifnihsed it in that time:P neway no, pants means the end screen is basically crap
Posted by Alex Scobell 3rd November, 2002

Uh I only just discorverd this! I geuss I'll download it if you want a comment.And oh the pants thing I see alot of people say it. It just sounds weird to me!
Posted by Mark 16th November, 2002

lol ok






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