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Panguin Party (Fixed)
Author: Mark Submitted: 28th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 161

Edited By Mark on 10/29/2002

Edited By Mark on 10/29/2002

Edited By Mark on 10/28/2002

These are the BETA shots btw, the graphics are much better now. Mario Party Style Game with one and two player modes, with clever AI. A Story Mode with a random Story generator, 20 secrets to unlock, a secret game one you have, all wrapped up in a nice Christmasy package have fun. Comments and/or reviews would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.

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 (666kb )

Posted by Mark 28th October, 2002

damn, replace the .htm with .jpg for shots
Posted by Mark 28th October, 2002

never mind, they work now
Posted by Matt K ( Kodex ) 28th October, 2002

it wont work - i downloaded but it says error opening file
Posted by BankBank 28th October, 2002

WHOA KEWL GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT LOL
Posted by Mark 28th October, 2002

it work 4 ne1 else?
Posted by :JULI@N: 28th October, 2002

666 kb :)
Posted by Poke & Gravy 28th October, 2002

HEy, another game in the Party game genre! Always a fun genre to play. You guys should try out my Poke & Gravy Party for some 2-Player Action.
Posted by Muggus 28th October, 2002

What's a panguin?
Posted by Mark 29th October, 2002

its a penguin, and yeah poke, i love ure game. smack youth cool as well
Posted by Mark 29th October, 2002

if that dont work,
Posted by Abrege 29th October, 2002

The word "Panguin" really ruins it for me.
Posted by Mark 30th October, 2002

its one letter difference, a delibirate on at that. surely it makes no change to how the game plays?
Posted by HOSJ 30th October, 2002

Alex... You know i really do like poke n' gravy, but could you PLEASE stop advertising them in the downloads section???
Posted by -= 22nd October, 2004

nothing downloads!!!





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