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Version of classic arcade game Robotron 2084. Fast, furious and addictive gameplay. Uses most of the sounds and graphics from the original game! *** NEW DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE!***

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Posted by Canazza 27th August, 2002

"Uses most of the sounds and graphics from the original game" not a very good advert matey
Posted by David Evans 28th August, 2002

It's a good idea to use old graphics so they can be recognised in the new game and if they are good anyway what's the point in changing them?
Posted by David Evans 28th August, 2002

When I try to download I get a 'THIS PAGE CANNOT BE DESPLAYED' message???
Posted by Lizard 31st August, 2002

Looks like the link is wrong. Manually type and this will work! Re: Comment from Canazza...point taken but the whole idea of a retro game is that you want it to be as near as possible to the original game (thanks David Evans!) If you can do that in TGF then it must be worth a download.
Posted by Chrisbo 4th September, 2002

AWESOME game! I love it! Almost exactly like the original! My only suggestion: make a set of rapid fire keys that fire in the direction you're pressing. Like on the numpad if you press '4' it shoots left, '7' is diagonal up/left, 8 is up, etc.
Posted by Lizard 11th September, 2002

Thanks for comment Chrisbo! One problem with your makes the game too difficult! Using 4 arrow keys as well as 4 direction fire keys...phew! Unless you are an cannot be done. Retro Note - The original arcade game had 2 joysticks 1 for move and the other for you know why! Keep Retro games Alive!
Posted by Lizard 1st October, 2004

Any chance of a rating or 2? :-)





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