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Author: Lizard Submitted: 2nd January, 2005 Favourites:0
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Edited By Lizard on 06/04/2021

A blast from the past! All the original gameplay, graphics and sounds of Defender by Williams Electronics! Done in the The Games Factory lots of fast and tough action in only around 600K download. I even managed to encorporate the 'Scanner' which was the trickest part of the game. I've used the Fastloop and 1000 Global values extensions. Press F1 during the game for instructions. The only things I could do not do was to 'scroll' the scanner to match the main game play screen around the ship location. Instead the ship locator moves instead. Also the original game had a continuous scrolling screen when moving the ship (i.e. rolled around with no break). Not possible in TGF and the 'wrap around' did not look right. Let me know what you think.*** NEW DOWNLOAD LINK AVAILABLE ***

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  (600kb )

Posted by Deathbringer 2nd January, 2005

Really cool looking, authentic graphics, i'll give it a test drive later
Posted by Lizard 2nd January, 2005

Thanks! You would not belive how many TGF events you have to allow for in what looks simple game play.
Posted by -_darkman_- 2nd January, 2005

Looks good man
Posted by Noyb 2nd January, 2005

Not sure if this was intentional, but it's annoying how you cannot fire during or after moving solely up or down. Also, why do you use the arrow keys for horizontal movement, but "A" and "Z" for vertical movement, with "up" firing? That's very awkward to control. Everything else looks good, though, and the mini-map's cool.
Posted by Teapot 3rd January, 2005

Arrghhhh installer!
Posted by Teapot 3rd January, 2005

Wow that is really good! I'm not sure how faithful it is to the original, 'cos I've never played it, but that was really fun.
Posted by Lizard 3rd January, 2005

Thanks for comments! I'll look into move/fire bug mentioned above. Please rate it and vote in the next GOTW!
Posted by kevin karstens 22nd January, 2005

Need something called 'gffloop.GOX'...where can I get this?? K
Posted by Lizard 23rd January, 2005

Fast loop extension is found on net Kevin. Anyone got a good link?
Posted by kevin karstens 8th November, 2005

Never mind, finally got it to work...
FANTASTIC game, this!!
The authenticity is amazing!!
As far as that assigned key for shooting, I just opened it up in GF and changed that bit to be the SHIFT key, and saved it...

I would LOVE to get ahold of this talented creator (Tim) to see if he could give me some programming assistance (I just do graphics with any level of skill, I aint too grand at programming so far!)...I would also LOVE to know where he got the authentic sounds!

All that aside...GREAT work, and THANKS Tim!

Posted by Lizard 11th March, 2006

Thanks K sorry not been here for a while. I really think the game could do with more than the 18 downloads so far. It really does give a good idea of what can be done in TGF. Check out the number of game objects (including scanner objects(.





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